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Adelaer asset management


Asset Management

Getting the maximum return from your real estate portfolio can be achieved in many ways. Adelaer Capital Markets can take care of the asset management, both on a strategic and operational level and we can coordinate the property and technical management. As owner you are looking for a sustainable growth of your investments. A well thought out and realistic strategy as well as satisfied tenants are key success factors. We will ensure you get the maximum return on your investment through our different asset related services:

Asset Development
Creating value requires a vision. Together with you we plan ahead and assure that your investment continues to meet the needs of your tenants. This is an ongoing process during every step of the real estate cycle. We underpin our advice with clear business cases. Long term result is key.

Property Management
Maximum return will be achieved with solid property management. We will take it out of your hands so that it no longer will be your concerns. Accounting, technical management, and transaction advisory; everything under one roof.

Marketing & communications
Creating and maintaining the value of real estate depends a lot on the right approach and positioning from a marketing and communications point of view. Adelaer Capital Markets prepares and executes long term budgets and plans. It is obvious to say that the results will be measured every step of the way.

Ownership Associations Management
How to avoid property and asset management disputes for assets with multiple owners? This can be solved by Ownership Associations managed by Adelaer Capital Markets. This is of particular importance during the operational and re-development phase.