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Asset Management

Optimizing the return on your property portfolio comprises several components. These include maximising the (rental) income, distributing and controlling costs, and capitalising on opportunities that the market offers. Adelaer Asset Management can overtake all these activities for you on both a strategic and operational level.

As a property owner, you strive for sustainable ways of value creation. A combination of a realistic business plan and keeping your tenants satisfied are essential for success. We can make your real estate relevant by offering various asset services:

Asset Development
Adding value requires a vision. Together with you, we look ahead to ensure that your property continues to meet the wishes of your tenants. This is a continuous process that takes place during every phase of the real estate cycle and the (re) development of your portfolio. We support our advice with business cases. Sustainable outcomes are always a top priority.

Property Management
Solid property management is a precondition for optimising your returns. We are glad to unburden you by taking this process off your hands. Administration, technology, management and commerce; all under one roof.

Loan Management
Banks and financiers have placed increasingly higher demands on (periodic) reports from their borrowers. We well know their requirements and speak the language of these parties. Therefore, we are the designated authority to handle these reports direct towards and communication with these banks / financiers.

Marketing communications
Creating and maintaining real estate value closely relates to the correct positioning and therefore with marketing and communication. Adelaer Asset Management develops (long-term) plans and customised advice during its consultation with customers. We analyse all effects to ensure that our clients can benchmark the quality of our services.