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Adelaer capital markets


Capital Markets

Adelaer Capital Markets is an independent, principal-owned real estate asset and fund management firm that seeks to create return and long-term value for its clients. We are a young and ambitious management company, providing a strongly-aligned platform for the Dutch real estate market.

The professionals of Adelaer Capital Markets cover the whole Real Estate value chain. Because of this we think and look ahead and create new opportunities. With our strong financial background and our broad and international network of investors, lenders and developers we are able to realise real estate construction transactions. We are in the centre of where the action is.

The resourceful dealmakers of Adelaer Capital Markets are able to assess opportunities and risks and will come up with realistic solutions that will benefit all parties involved. We focus on the needs of our clients and through our involvement we bring trust and peace at mind.

The professionals of Adelaer Capital Markets will bring the relevant parties together, whether this is for properties in Healtcare, Logistics, Retail, Offices or Residential. Adelaer Capital Markets: making the deal real.