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“Financing real estate is a skill. An independent party who works with these kinds of problems on a daily basis is able to get the best deal out of the market. We are pleased with our transaction and the professional and smooth way in which things are progressing”. We do it for these customer responses. Welcome, we are Adelaer!

Adelaer is a high-end financing and mediation boutique that stands out due to its creative contribution to financing solutions. Such as consultancy, mediation and supervising of finances for business customers. Adelaer also provides mediation services for the acquisition and sale of portfolios and mortgage portfolios, real estate and homes. Adelaer’s extensive network comes in useful here.

Large international financial network: 100 ++ financial providers commercial Real Estate.

Equity partners and mezzanine lenders from all over the world: a wide spectrum of financing solutions.

Volume makes Adelaer relevant and a valued partner for financiers.

Creative and expert, through multiple real estate disciplines, under one roof.

250 years of real estate finance experience.

Platform for investors and financiers in The Netherlands.

Debt Finance

The world of financiers has changed dramatically. Whereas it was previously the norm to telephone your account manager to ask him to provide you with a professional real estate mortgage, you now face deleverage problems and completion problems based on annual statistics, rental contracts and other issues that are relevant to the bank. We collaborate with Anglo-Saxon, German, French, Swedish, Swiss and Austrian banks. We also act on behalf of institutional parties such as pension funds, investment banks and investment funds that have opted for a stable party with a good track record in the Netherlands.

Adelaer works in an open and transparent manner. We will check your requirement with our parties and by mutual agreement, we will then proceed to draw up a service contract. Transparent. That is what ensures success.

Junior / mezzanine loans

Adelaer also mediates in so-called mezzanine loans. These allow you to get a high loan, but at a higher interest rate. As a developer you can, i.e., finance zoning changes of land or buildings. Even for existing buildings with a short WALT or low energy label, a mezzanine loan increases the financial feasibility of a project!


If you are a developer or you are increasing your level of ambition to reach higher objectives than your own asset position, or you come across that golden opportunity but don’t just obtain it with your own assets plus a supplement by the bank, we will help you to find capital.

We act on your behalf and serve several structuralists who would like to meet with you early on in the process to discuss these equity problems in order to increase the success together. We therefore also serve foreign hedge funds who like to act as equity partners, as well as sparring partners, in medium-sized to major proposals, to work with you to turn this into a major success. This way you are able to finance your developments up to 100%.