Adelaer Financial Architects in real estate



If you are a developer or you are increasing your level of ambition to reach higher objectives than your own asset position, or you come across that golden opportunity but don’t just obtain it with your own assets plus a supplement by the bank, we will help you when looking for capital.

Investing in real estate is a great and challenging pursuit. The additional risks pay off, however, and it is a very intense game. We therefore know from the many customer examples that it can sometimes result in enormous losses if you are unable to fulfill agreements at the right time. There are also a number of examples of collaborations in which money is jointly invested, which usually involves people who know one another.

An additional capital injection often needs to be made half way through and that often results in tedious discussions if one of the partners is unable to contribute. Sometimes, in addition to the project that’s being developed, an expansion that can increase the size of the plan many times over in terms of yield and profit is worthwhile, but even then, you must be able to switch.

We act on your behalf and serve several structuralists who would like to meet with you early on in the process to discuss these equity problems in order to increase the success together. We therefore also serve foreign hedge funds who like to act as equity partners, as well as sparring partners, in medium-sized to major proposals, in order to work with you to turn this into a major success.


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