Treasury is a process. The treasury of your corporation must be managed structurally and not only for a (re) financing. By approaching treasury as a process and setting it up as such, By seeing treasury as a process and setting it up in such a way, you can respond in a timely manner to a changing environment and laws and regulations that you must comply with. Adelaer Treasury wants to support you with investment and financing applications and with the management of your loan(s).

Adelaer Financial Architects can control your financing opportunities, considering the social role of your corporation. In addition to the traditional financing model of secured financing, we also look at unsecured financing. The latter will become relevant in the long term when non-SGEI home ownership no longer must be financed with internal but externally loans.

Adelaer Financial Architects, with 250 years of international banking experience, is Netherlands’ largest financing intermediary. We are specialised in committing suppliers outside the traditional channels, such as pension funds, insurers, investment funds, and international banks. These parties are often more willing to finance under tight conditions than Dutch banks.

You can expect from Adelaer Loan Management that we take care of the management of your loans. This is a data-intensive and complex administrative process, for which your corporation may not be equipped. We provide the entire loan management; from administrative management and renegotiation of conditions/loans to special management and collateral enforcement.

In addition to financing, Adelaer Capital Markets can guide you in determining a strategy for the purchase and sale of rental properties. Adelaer Capital Markets considers the consequences for the (financial) position of your corporation and its social responsibility. Adelaer Capital Markets also assists you with the realisation of investment projects, such as new construction and (major) renovation projects.

Adelaer shows that Treasury Management reduces your operational, financial, and reputation risks! Adelaer is independent and our goal is to create long-term added value. Adelaer’s resourceful financial deal architects provide insight into opportunities and risks and create feasible plans that will benefit your corporation. We provide peace and confidence.

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