Dennis has over 27 years of experience in financial services. In 1995 he started in the banking sector as a financial advisor and in 2004 he switched to self-employment as co-owner of what was, at the time, a progressive financing boutique in the field of private advice. After selling this company in 2013, Dennis continued to advise private individuals and entrepreneurs on financial issues and combined this with interim assignments. In the years that followed, he was able to work for a broad spectrum of clients; accountants, insurers and banks. The assignments were in various fields, varying from pension or financial advisor to CDD / KYC analyst, special administration and acceptance and assessment of complex home loans in the intermediary channel.

In 2001, he completed the financial planning course and the CFP certification (formerly FFP certification), and in 2003 he also completed his Master of Arts in financial planning at TIAS Business University in Tilburg.

Binnen Adelaer zal Dennis zijn kennis en ervaring inzetten om de interne organisatie van de verschillende onderdelen bij Adelaer verder te professionaliseren en optimaal te laten samenwerken, verdere uitbouw en uitrol van het loan management systeem en tot slot ook de adviseurs nog meer in staat te stellen om hun klanten optimaal te adviseren en ontzorgen in het financieringstraject.


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