The ultimate platform for real estate financing and acquisition in Europe

Are you, as a real estate professional, looking for a financing from €2.5 million to €500 million for your real estate? Adelaer acts as a high-end debt broker, negotiate and arranging financing agreements between banks, insurers, pension funds, hedge funds or other CRE-financing providers.

As an independent debt broker, Adelaer arranges financing for all phases: advising, mediating and overseeing the loan application and closing. Also Adelaer is able to act as independent actor in loan maintenance, post-closing. Examples of loans include senior debt, mezzanine or junior loans, construction finance, bonds or equity partnerships. Our advisors, the architects, think outside of the box and thus close the best deal for you.

Adelaer also acts as an investment manager for the acquisition and sale of portfolios, both for and by our clients and funders. Our extensive network of over two thousand financiers, investors, developers and institutional parties is particularly useful in this process.

About us

Adelaer Suite

Adelaer is an independent debt broker that prioritizes customer interests and where transparency is key throughout the process. We specialize in creative financing solutions, encompassing traditional national banks, insurers, pension funds and investment funds both domestically and internationally.

Adelaer possesses a unique financing platform that assists real estate professionals in finding the best financing provider. On this platform, we bring together financiers (lenders) and parties seeking real estate financing (borrowers).

As a real estate professional you are assured of the best provider, arranged through an independent intermediary, exactly when needed.

Adelaer operates in three disciplines: Financial Architects, Investment Management en Loan Management.

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