About us

You are our client. We work on your behalf and with your interest at heart. That is our mutual relationship. Adelaer aims for optimal contact with all of our contacts. Therefore, we find it important that our relationships have a clear understanding of the services we provide. In this service guide, we will provide you with a clear overview of that. Do you have any questions or comments after reading? We are here to assist you.


Are you, as a real estate professional, seeking financing ranging from €2.5 million to above €500 million for your real estate? Adelaer mediates as a high-end debt broker in the establishment of financing agreements between banks, insurers, pension funds, hedge funds, or other CRE financing providers.

As an independent debt broker, Adelaer guides financing through all phases: advising, mediating, overseeing, and, after realization, the loan’s maintenance. Examples of loans include senior debt, mezzanine or junior loans, construction finance, bonds, or equity partnership. Our advisors, the ‘architects’, think outside the box to close optimal and up-to-date deals.

Adelaer also acts as an investment manager for the acquisition and sale of portfolios both for and by our clients and financing network. Our extensive network with over two thousand financiers, investors, developers, and institutional parties proves beneficial in this regard.

According to the Financial Supervision Act, a ‘consumer’ is a natural person acting for purposes that fall outside the business or professional work field. Adelaer does not offer its services to individuals qualifying as consumers under the Financial Supervision Act.

Our approach

We start by conducting an inventory of your situation. Subsequently, we determine your wishes and needs. Based on this, we shape our advice and/or mediation services. We recommend products that align well with your preferences and suit your business circumstances. Then, we approach selected market parties and negotiate with these parties on your behalf. After identifying interested parties, we guide our clients in their interactions with these parties. In delivering our services, we also engage external experts and often act as the point of contact for them, such as a notary, legal expert, tax advisor, accountant, or appraiser. This occurs in consultation with you.

We continually strive to serve our clients in a competent and professional manner. The quality of our services being the driving factor behind everything we do. Together with you, we aim for a lasting and contented relationship.

Our services

Adelaer exclusively provides advice to and mediates solely for professional/business real estate parties. Adelaer does not provide advice or mediation for properties offered to more than one hundred consumers and/or for amounts less than €100,000.

Adelaer does not advise on investment institutions or mediate in participation rights in investment institutions. This refers to investment institutions in the form of investment funds or investment companies or their contempories.

For the execution of our services, we have access to your data. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can rest assured that we handle this information carefully. Your personal data is only used for the purposes of advising and mediating for which you have entrusted us in the specific assignment.


  • Mortgages for private individuals
  • Consumer loans
  • Pensions/Pension plans
  • Financial planning
  • Life insurances
  • Savings and investment accounts
  • (Property) insurances
  • Disability insurances


Independent advice

Our office has no contractual obligation to place financial products with one or more financial institutions. Therefore, we are completely free in our advice.


No financial institution has any ownership interest or control in our company. This freedom to provide independent advice in your best interest combines well with our freedom as entrepreneurs.


We provide our clients with completely independent advice. Our advice is not influenced by involvement in banking affairs. Additionally, we operate without any authority from a lender, ensuring that there is no legal or financial interference affecting our objectivity.


The market has many providers of financial products and services. We work with a team of specialists who enable an objective analysis of the relevant offerings. From this, we select suitable offerings tailored to your professional/business needs. Our selection is based on an objective analysis and a multitude of factors, both financial and contractual. Working in this manner allows us to act as an independent, objective intermediary for you.


Our services do not require a license. Therefore, we are not under the supervision of the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Nor is our company registered in the AFM registry.


It’s fair that you have high expectations of our services. In order to serve you well, we also expect a few things from you:

  • Documentation regarding the property, the shareholder structure, and the current financing conditions. To compile a complete file, we need at least the documents listed in the attached checklist (see Annex 1), if available.
  • It is important that you provide accurate and complete information. This is in your own interest; the quality of our advice depends on the quality of the information provided by you. If, later in the process, it becomes clear that you have provided incorrect or incomplete information, the lender may, based on the contract or loan terms, request or reclaim funds.
  • It is important for us to know whether you have other business obligations or existing loans. This information is necessary to determine the most suitable offer.
  • For certain services, we are legally obliged to verify your identity based on an original identification document. Therefore, you can expect your advisor to request this.
  • To ensure that important risks or factors remain known, we expect you to promptly inform us of any changes in your personal or business situation or any adjustments related to the financed assets.
    • Changes in your business situation include alterations in the nature of business activities and changes in the company’s organizational structure.
    • We handle all contacts with the financial institution. If you wish to directly communicate with the lender, we will notify them accordingly. Kindly inform us of your (direct) communication with the lender so that we can adequately assist you.
  • We may provide you with information as we believe it may help you better understand existing or new financial products and services. We kindly request you to carefully review this information and consult us if necessary.
  • In all cases, we ask you to always verify agreements and other contracts yourself to ensure they align with your preferences and that you can meet the stipulated terms and conditions. We also request you to consult us at all times if there are any uncertainties or questions on your part regarding the content of these documents. Naturally, we also review these documents.


We agree upon a fee for our services based on a success fee. This can be determined by the number of hours, a percentage of the financing amount, or a fixed rate. A combination of the mentioned fee structures or forms of remuneration is also possible. Additionally, you will pay a premium, interest, or contribution for the product itself that is charged and paid between yourselves and the financier. If additional services are provided to you incurring extra costs, we will inform you about these charges in advance.

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