It may seem as if NOTHING IS HAPPENING YET, but WE have ALREADY LAID THE foundation.

As financial architects, our goal is to find the best match for your specific financing needs, under the most favorable terms and at the most favourable interest rates.

Our financial architects have many years of international banking experience. We specialize in creative financing solutions. Solutions can comprise of a combination of senior debt finance, junior or mezzanine loans, construction finance, bonds, and equity partnerships. Supported by software, such as Finloop, a platform where we bring real estate financing providers (lenders) and parties seeking funding (borrowers) together.


We create a road-map of your financing needs through a structured process.

Adelaer works for real estate professionals, not for individual consumers. After the initial assessment, the advisor and analyst discuss the quick scan in the internal ‘greenlight’ committee. We do this once a week, following the 4-6-8 eyes principle. We then present the case to a selection of providers based on the chosen strategy. When we receive a positive response combined with general or indicative terms, we inform the client about the feasibility and expected conditions of the proposition. This process is free of charge.

If the client agrees, we send an OTD (Dutch acronym for an “order to provide services”), general terms, and a service guide. Upon signing, we open the dossier. Our advisor, working in close co-operation with an internal analyst, monitors the application through our own system. Quality and optimal transparency in the process and execution are our top priorities.

Adelaer financial architects as your partner

Equity partners and mezzanine lenders from all over the world: a wide spectrum of financing solutions


Large and active network of private and institutional investors both domestically and internationally.


The volume we process yearly makes Adelaer relevant and a valued partner for lenders.


Creativity and expertise, across multiple real estate disciplines, under one roof.


250 years of real estate (financing) experience.
Platform for investors and financiers in Europe.


The world of real estate financiers has changed significantly. In addition to traditional banks, there are numerous alternative parties offering financing for real estate. Adelaer Financial Architects collaborates with all European and Anglo-Saxon banks. Moreover, we act on behalf of institutional entities such as pension funds, investment banks, and investment funds that have chosen us as a reliable, but independent, partner with a proven track record.

Adelaer operates openly and transparently. Our advisor, working in close co-operation with an internal analyst, monitors the application through our proprietary system. The progress of the file is also visible to the client (borrower) via the client portal. This way, we connect the needs of the borrower to the desires and ambitions of the parties we connect (lenders). This approach provides openness, transparency, speed, and efficiency in the process. Quality of data is crucial to be financeable both nationally and internationally. Adelaer rightly says, ‘Quality data makes better deals’.

Junior / mezzanine loans

Adelaer also mediates in so-called mezzanine loans or junior loans. With a mezzanine loan, you secure an additional loan on an existing loan, thereby increasing your leverage. This poses a higher risk profile for the lender, hence the interest rates will also be higher. If your existing lender doesn’t wish to provide this mezz, we opt for the so-called Junior Loan (senior & mezzanine combined).

Such a structure is, for instance, interesting for developers, for changes in land or property use to finance an acquisition or renovation. Or for existing buildings with a short WALT (Weighted Average Lease Term) or a weak energy label. This way you can still find financing, despite traditional parties not being willing to finance.


If debt finance or mezzanine loans are not sufficient, Adelaer mediates in what are called equity partnerships. We connect you with a equity partner who will suit your proposition. Professional equity entities often function as a sparring partner for pan-European or global real estate propositions and add value to the project. We act on your behalf and can tap into multiple foreign hedge funds and family offices to enhance collective success. This way, you may even be able to finance your developments up to 100% of the cost.


There are many more investment financiers than project financiers. By project financing, we refer to development financing during the construction or renovation phase. The reason that there are fewer project financiers is that foreign financiers often lack local knowledge and contacts to manage the process if a development were to go wrong.

We are still able to involve foreign entities as project financiers. This can (fortunately) still happen directly with several parties, but we often syndicate the loan with a foreign party and a major Dutch bank. The bank acts as a co-lender and an agent for the loan, enabling financing via pension funds, insurers and also banking funds. This approach allows financing, usually on better terms and higher leverage than traditional financing.


ADELAER initiates bond brokerage for family offices and institutional entities. Adelaer assists its clients in unlocking funds through high leverage and finances their assets using a combination of senior loans and bonds. This financing strategy achieves a higher leverage ratio and releases more cash while the client remains a co-legal owner of the asset.


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