Christiaan first studied Management, Economics and Law at the University of Applied Scienes (HEAO) in Rotterdam. After obtaining that degree he started work at Exact Software and later moved to IBM for a traineeship. After this period he switched to the financial sector where, at ABN AMRO, he was advisor to wealthy individuals. During this time Christiaan started reading fiscal law at the Erasmus University and obtained his master degree (LLM) some five years later.

Whilst reading fiscal law Christiaan moved from ABN AMRO to HBU Bank (subsidiary of ABN AMRO) where he could apply fiscal knowledge to the department Special Products. As Deutsche Bank was acquiring parts of ABN AMRO Bank at that time and the markets were in turmoil the Shipping Portfolio needed strengthening and Christiaan became responsible for a large portfolio of shipping clients. After de-risking that portfolio Christiaan moved to the newly formed lending department Structured Finance (SF) department within Deutsche Bank and would stay there until 2022. With SF he was responsible for a diverse portfolio of clients from for instance the off-shore branche and later on real estate.

In the last years at Deutsche Bank Christiaan worked with a small and dedicated team on many successful real estate deals aiming to grow that segment.

Within Adelaer Christiaan will be able to leverage the extensive knowledge of financing to serve our clients in the best possible way.

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