From January 1, 2018, every Home Owners Association (HOA) must make a mandatory reservation per year for major maintenance, renovations or sustainability. However, even with careful planning of the finances, it can happen that an HOA does not have enough reserves for its planned activities and a loan can offer the solution.


As a specialized party, we offer the right solution for this: the HOA Loan from TEN31 Bank. HOAs are given the opportunity to take out a loan on behalf of their members. This is possible for any HOA, including a combination of homes, shops and offices.

No collateral, guarantees or pledge is required for the loan. The financial health of the HOA is considered and not the financial situation of the individual members of the HOA. In addition, there is no obligation to transfer the HOA bank account.

The loan is provided by TEN31, a Munich-based bank specializing in managing HOA funds and providing loans to HOAs.

TEN31 Bank has its origins in the German WEG Bank AG, one of the largest family-owned real estate management companies. The day-to-day management of real estate gave rise to the idea of a specialized bank: from the housing sector to the housing sector. They are now also active in the Netherlands, where they act as the first specialized bank for the HOA.

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